IWW ‘Chinwag’ Session: Imaginging Worker’s Utopias

Facebook Event Page

Have you ever imagined a world without work? Got ideas about utopian space paradises? Come and share your passion for the future at the Vancouver IWW’s first-ever Chinwag session! Sunday, May 14, we will be discussing our visions of workers’ utopias and how labour can achieve them.

Chinwags are informal public gatherings where folx can come out and discuss topics, meet members of their community, and all-around have a good time. The IWW is an anti-capitalist, intersectional, working class union whose official goal is to abolish the wage system.

You are welcome to bring picnic blankets, chairs, zines, food, and anything else you might enjoy on a Sunday afternoon! This event will be happening at the same time as Mother’s day, so if you want to avoid the commercialization of affection, this will be the perfect place to take your mom to an anticapitalist day in the park!

We will be meeting on the southern shore of Trout Lake, just 15 minutes walking distance from Commercial-Broadway skytrain station, or 5 minutes heading south on the #20 bus. Hope to see you all there!


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